5 expert tips for safe shoveling

This winter’s shoveling has already started with the previous storms! This year is no exception to the rule, you have to shovel well to avoid injury!  Here are our 5 expert tips to help you:  Bend at your knees and hips to get closer to the snow you are lifting, rather than […]

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🕵️Disc herniation demystified

Let’s start with the basics. Our spine is composed of vertebrae, and between each level are intervertebral discs. These discs are comprised of an outer ring of cartilage […]

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Raking leaves

With the arrival of fall comes beautiful changing foliage. What accompanies this is the task of raking the leaves in your yard, which can be […]

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Get up and move!

Sitting postures place a considerable amount of stress on body’s joints, especially those of the neck and lower back. We would all benefit from moving […]

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Finally back to school! Homework is back!

Going back to school also means that children and their parents will spend a lot of time writing in notebooks, reading school textbooks and browse the internet on a tablet or computer.  Most of the […]

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Let’s demystify : Ice Vs Heat

Ice The usage of ice to manage inflammation is not supported by scientific literature, due to the fact that it diminishes circulation and actually leads to a decrease in normal tissue healing. The principle effect of ice is as an analgesic, where it cools the affected region and provides relief. Although it is a temporary effect, you may apply ice intermittently to help relieve an injury. You can get more information in our previous article Lets Demystify […]

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Ageing with impact

We often hear people telling us that they are too old to run or play tennis. They may have had imaging results that indicate arthritis […]

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Gymnasts: Prepare for Impact!

During this period of confinement, we have prepared a short video capsule (available in french only) intended for gymnasts who find themselves deprived of their […]

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The Squat: A Super Exercise

The squat is a lower body compound movement that targets muscles of the hip, knee, and ankle joints. This movement is highly functional and develops […]

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PEACE & LOVE for your injuries

Acute sprain, muscular strain and bruising all have sudden and traumatic appearance. The acronyms to help us remember the best approach to follow after injury […]

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