Raking leaves

With the arrival of fall comes beautiful changing foliage. What accompanies this is the task of raking the leaves in your yard, which can be […]

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Get up and move!

Sitting postures place a considerable amount of stress on body’s joints, especially those of the neck and lower back. We would all benefit from moving […]

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Finally back to school! Homework is back!

Going back to school also means that children and their parents will spend a lot of time writing in notebooks, reading school textbooks and browse the internet on a tablet or computer.  Most of the […]

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Let’s demystify : Ice Vs Heat

Ice The usage of ice to manage inflammation is not supported by scientific literature, due to the fact that it diminishes circulation and actually leads to a decrease in normal tissue healing. The principle effect of ice is as an analgesic, where it cools the affected region and provides relief. Although it is a temporary effect, you may apply ice intermittently to help relieve an injury. You can get more information in our previous article Lets Demystify […]

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Ageing with impact

We often hear people telling us that they are too old to run or play tennis. They may have had imaging results that indicate arthritis […]

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Gymnasts: Prepare for Impact!

During this period of confinement, we have prepared a short video capsule (available in french only) intended for gymnasts who find themselves deprived of their […]

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The Squat: A Super Exercise

The squat is a lower body compound movement that targets muscles of the hip, knee, and ankle joints. This movement is highly functional and develops […]

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PEACE & LOVE for your injuries

Acute sprain, muscular strain and bruising all have sudden and traumatic appearance. The acronyms to help us remember the best approach to follow after injury […]

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Lets Demystify : Arthritis #1

Arthritis or osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive wear of cartilage that develops over several years (and decades). The cartilage can hardly absorb the forces of […]

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Let’s demystify: Stretching!

Stretching…. should be done before or after exercises or should you avoid them altogether? Anchored for a long time in our training habits, stretching still […]

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