5 expert tips for safe shoveling

This year is no exception to the ruleyou have to shovel well to avoid injury! 

Here are our 5 expert tips to help you: 

  1. Bend at your knees and hips to get closer to the snow you are lifting, rather than bending forward and lifting with your back. The back should stay straight throughout the movement. 
  2. Avoid rotations! Maintain a relatively stable trunk position in which you can shovel snow without having to throw the snow farther away and rotating excessively.
  3. Position yourself so that the shovel stays close to your body to help protect your shoulders and elbows. Use your legs or take a few steps to deposit the snow further away. 
  4. Alternate sides while shoveling to give your muscles a chance to recover. 
  5. Take breaks during big storms! Get out more often and split the task up throughout your day, continuously shoveling can become very strenuous. You will be doing your arms, legs and heart a favor! 

Now take the time to go outside and to get some fresh air, while shoveling carefully!