Our Physiotherapy Services

Our physiotherapists are health professionals who can help you. Highly qualified, they assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions that include disorders of the musculoskeletal system as well as neurological and cardiovascular conditions. Thanks to their extensive knowledge acquired from the Faculty of Medicine, our physiotherapists treat people of all ages, from babies to athletes to seniors.

Our physiotherapists will take charge of your physical health with interventions specific to your needs. In addition, they will give you the tools to prevent injuries in order to maintain long-term benefits. Your program will focus on physical activity and well-being to achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Everyone is different.

You may have symptoms completely different from those of your friends with the same diagnosis. Your physiotherapist is trained to identify your diagnosis. At Physio Dynamik the first appointment begins with a detailed history of your injury. The evaluation then continues with specific physical tests and measurements, such as flexibility and joint range, as well as coordination. Your physiotherapist will then analyze the results of your assessment and use his clinical reasoning to establish the diagnosis.

We see a lot of different pain.

Some people hurt their ankles, others have fallen on ice and still others come because they have a sore neck, back or shoulder and do not know what to do about it. Some have a permanent condition that they wish learn to manage better. The main reason people come to our team is that they suffer, but the cause of this can vary. Our responsibility is to educate you about the relationship between movement and pain, to help you restart and continue everything you want to do.

We are committed to help you directly.

Physical therapy at Physio Dynamik involves personalized treatment with your physiotherapist, which can include manual therapy to mobilize stiff joints, and treat tense muscles. The treatment will also include analysis and correction of your movement pattern or sport technique to improve your movement. At times, there may be machines involved in the process; certain types of electrical currents can help relieve pain or stimulate muscles.

Our physiotherapists are most effective when you collaborate with them.

Therefore, an individualized home exercise program will also be prescribed, which may include a combination of exercises ranging from specific muscle building to coordinating a specific movement or even correcting your running technique. Be assured that their expertise will be used to personalize your program to your personal goals, which will help you maximize your recovery.

The practice of our physiotherapists is constantly evolving.

Progress in scientific knowledge, new discoveries, changing needs of the population, new technologies … All this makes our team of scientists of movement! In this context, they must keep up-to-date throughout their career, whether through scientific readings, continuing education courses, exchanges with their peers or by exchanging with university teaching environments. This growing development of advanced practice by our physiotherapists makes them effective practitioners who contribute to the effectiveness of our health care system.

With Physio Dynamik, you’re in good hands!


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