Slow Down the Signs of Aging

Regardless of your age, you have the potential to maintain or improve your skills in order to preserve your autonomy.

There are some changes that inevitably occur as we get older, including loss of bone mass and muscle mass. However, since the body has an impressive capacity to adapt, it is possible to slow down this process. Other changes, including decreased visual acuity and decreased foot sensitivity, occur. All of these changes can affect your balance as well as your function and potentially increase your risk for falls, putting your abilities at risk.

To keep the body strong and agile, you have to apply some stress to your structures (muscles, joints, bones, etc.) to create adaptation.

Here are several tips to slow down the various signs of aging and optimize your balance!

  1. Maintain a sufficient level of activity to use the muscles frequently in your daily life. Continue to use the stairs, squat regularly, go from sitting to standing without using your hands, etc.
  2. Incorporate some balance exercises into your daily routine, for example, standing on one leg. You could hold this position when brushing your teeth, waiting in a queue, etc. Otherwise, find a place where you can support yourself with your hands as needed and practice often!
  3. Engage in activities that allow you to increase your heart rate, such as walking with an elevation gain, jogging, even for a very short period, or other aerobic exercises of your choice. These will help improve or maintain your cardiovascular capacity.

Aside from these tips, to reduce the risk of falls, be sure to optimize your visual acuity. Consult your optometrist to correct or adjust your vision as needed. In addition, it is important to secure your surroundings, especially when you have to move at night. Place lights and watch out for rugs or objects obstructing the path, etc.

These are just a few examples, but implementing these recommendations can be of great benefit to you. Always keep in mind that your body has an immense potential to adapt to what it is asked to do.