Improve your immune system

We are getting closer to receiving a vaccine that will use the responses of our immune system to protect us. Although the information we receive […]

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5 expert tips for safe shoveling

This winter’s shoveling has already started with the previous storms! This year is no exception to the rule, you have to shovel well to avoid injury!  Here are our 5 expert tips to help you:  Bend at your knees and hips to get closer to the snow you are lifting, rather than […]

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Have you noticed our new shoes?

Introducing the latest additions to the Physio Dynamik minimalist shoe wall: the Nine2Five dress shoe from Lems, and the Primus Lite everyday/running shoe from Vivobarefoot.  After […]

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Instagram contest

Keep in touch even from a distance  Discover our Instagram contest We know that the confinement and curfew is affecting multiple people and this is […]

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Push Up

The push up is an upper body compound movement that targets muscles of the chest, shoulders, and arms. Additionally, this movement is excellent at developing […]

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🕵️Disc herniation demystified

Let’s start with the basics. Our spine is composed of vertebrae, and between each level are intervertebral discs. These discs are comprised of an outer ring of cartilage […]

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Raking leaves

With the arrival of fall comes beautiful changing foliage. What accompanies this is the task of raking the leaves in your yard, which can be […]

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Get up and move!

Sitting postures place a considerable amount of stress on body’s joints, especially those of the neck and lower back. We would all benefit from moving […]

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Finally back to school! Homework is back!

Going back to school also means that children and their parents will spend a lot of time writing in notebooks, reading school textbooks and browse the internet on a tablet or computer.  Most of the […]

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