5 tips for the road

It’s the construction holiday! Are you planning on going on vacation? Whether it is to visit Quebec or for longer trips, a large number of […]

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PEACE & LOVE for your injuries

Acute sprain, muscular strain and bruising all have sudden and traumatic appearance. The acronyms to help us remember the best approach to follow after injury […]

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Ageing with impact

We often hear people telling us that they are too old to run or play tennis. They may have had imaging results that indicate arthritis […]

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Happy Father’s Day

Looking for an original gift for your dad?   Buy an original and unique gift to your dad  Get him a gift certificate to […]

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Welcome to Physio Dynamik

We are a team of physiotherapists passionate about our work  diagnosing and treating a wide range of conditions that encompass musculoskeletal disorders as well as […]

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Bike Tips: Your feet

Feet numb while riding? We have the solution. Towards the end of a long bike ride or even the very first pedal strokes, it can […]

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Bike Tips: Your Cycling Season

Tips for a bike season without injury For cyclists, there are two types of injuries: traumatic injuries, which occur after a fall, and non-traumatic injuries. […]

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Bike Tips: Your lower back

Ride your bike without a backache ! Have you ever had lower back discomfort while pedaling on your bike ? Several factors influence the comfort […]

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Bike Tips: Your hands

My fingers are numb during the ride! Is that normal? In the last column, we talked about numbness in the feet. Frequently, cyclists also experience […]

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Bike Tips: Your Pedal Cleats

Maximize the use of your pedal cleats Pedal cleats, or ‘clips’ as cyclists say, are an important asset in the development of power and fluidity […]

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Bike Tips: Intro

Are you a cyclist? With our physiotherapists, you are in good hands. No matter what type of bike you ride, positioning and biomechanical analysis of […]

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