Job: Dynamik Physiotherapist

Come and work in a dynamic, stimulating and warm atmosphere! We offer a work environment with lots of space and large windows. A perfect job for dynamic physiotherapists!

Provide high quality physiotherapy service by physiotherapists, in a pleasant atmosphere, with the aim of maximizing people’s potential as quickly as possible, this is our mission.



Physio Dynamik is a young, growing company that hires physiotherapists. A superior physiotherapy clinic, with experts in manual therapy and motor control. In addition to focusing on outpatient orthopedic injuries, we have developed expertise in:

Our physiotherapists are passionate about their profession. Continuing education is very important to maintain the high quality standards at Physio Dynamik. This is why it is an integral part of our daily life. Whether through international conferences, practical training or in-house mentoring, Physio Dynamik does everything possible to maximize the potential of its physiotherapists.

This contagious passion has led us to develop close ties with the teaching of our profession. Since the founding of Physio Dynamik, our physiotherapists have supervised residents. This has allowed us to be recognized as a clinical education setting affiliated with four universities. Each year, our team welcomes nearly ten residents completing their professional masters in physiotherapy. During these coveted residences, our physiotherapists pass on their dedication, excellence and quality of care to our graduates completing their education within our team.

Our involvement is also present in our community. We offer conférences to the general public with the aim of improving knowledge about the management of injuries and especially to help prevent them.

Covering sports events is another social implication where Physio Dynamik is present. These events allow us to maintain contact with our patients, both at the clinic and at the competition sites.

To maximize the potential of our patients, we must first maximize that of our physiotherapists. This is why Physio Dynamik does everything in its power to have a stimulating and pleasant environment.

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Become a Dynamik physiotherapist

You want to build your career as a physiotherapist. You find it easy to connect with people. You are looking for a clinic that offers plenty of opportunities to develop and improve yourself. You would like to work with passionate physiotherapists in a university education setting.

Come and work in a dynamic, stimulating and warm atmosphere! We offer a work environment with lots of space and large windows. A perfect job for dynamic physiotherapists!

Physio Dynamik allocates an unlimited continuing education budget and a paid mentoring program. In addition, no more hassle of being paid by the patient. You will be able to concentrate on your treatments while we pay you a fixed salary. All you have to do is plan your vacation during shared lunches with your colleagues!

Physio Dynamik benefits

  • Mentoring: Our rigorous 8-month mentoring program guarantees perfect integration at Physio Dynamik. These paid sessions ensure the development of your professional autonomy within our team. Every day, our experienced physiotherapists will take the time to reveal all their secrets to you.
  • Common Lunches: All lunch hours are shared. You will be able to chat, laugh and have fun with your colleagues. You can even take the time to go for a run on our treadmills!
  • Flexible work schedule: Adjust your work schedule to your needs.
  • Continuing education: You are fond of continuing education? Our unlimited budget will allow you to maximize your potential as a physiotherapist.
  • Vacation: Going on vacation for 5 weeks from the first year of employment has never been so easy.
  • Sick leave: Receive one weekof paid sick leave to take care of your health.
  • Retirement: We offer a voluntary retirement savings plan with employer contribution: we have your retirement taken care of.
  • Insurance: We offer a drug insurance plan, travel insurance, life insurance and disability insurance.
  • Guaranteed income for life: To ensure your financial peace of mind, you are paid by the hour. No problem with the schedules. “You are NOT paid per patients”
  • OPPQ: We pay your contribution to the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec.

  • Social committee: Our social committee will take care of you:
    • Summer & Christmas celebration
    • Employee birthday
    • Fall & spring activities

  • Costco: We pay for your Costco membership.
  • Running: To keep you healthy, we pay for your registrations to running events.
  • Gym: Free access to the training room as well as to a shower and towels.
  • Shoes: Access to prices used on shoes.
  • Ski: Access at advantageous prices on your ski tickets.
  • Coffee: Are you a coffee lover? We offer you free espresso coffee, tea, herbal tea!

Ask us all your questions, even the most delicate, we will be happy to answer them:

Offer physiotherapists the chance to serve clients with high quality physiotherapy, in a pleasant atmosphere, with the aim of maximizing your knowledge as quickly as possible and maximizing people’s potential for recovery, this is our mission.


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Au plaisir de travailler ensemble!

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