Bike Tips: Intro

Are you a cyclist?

With our physiotherapists, you are in good hands.

No matter what type of bike you ride, positioning and biomechanical analysis of your bike is a great way to improve your comfort and performance while reducing your risk of injury. In the coming posts, we will discuss many different topics surrounding cycling. We will be framing our advice into three types of tips:

  • Technical tips: tips to improve your pedaing stroke, your posture and your efficiency on your bike
  • Positioning tips: changes to try to improve your comfort on the bike
  • Mechanical advice: points to watch for when buying your bike equipment such as cleats and pedals, saddle and handlebars

Our physiotherapists have created a service specifically for cyclists. They will analyze the relationship between all parts of the human body and cycling. Bring your bike and we take care of the rest!

How do you think our physiotherapists can help you be more comfortable and perform better on your bike?

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