Our Expertise: Running Biomechanical Analysis


Running biomechanical analysis 

Gift yourself the expertise of our physiotherapists to assess your running gait. Whether on the treadmill, or on the bike path adjacent to the clinic, our physiotherapists will be able to perform a complete evaluation of your running mechanics. Bring your running shoes and your good mood, that’s all we need to analyze your running gait! 

Your physiotherapist will take time to assess your body, analyze your running mechanics and shoes, and make corrections as needed. 


When should you see an expert physiotherapist for a running biomechanical analysis? 

  • You would like to improve your running performance. 
  • You would like to prevent possible injuries related to running. 
  • Running causes you pain and discomfort. 
  • You are not a runner, but you would like to start running training. 


The intervention of the physiotherapist expert in running biomechanical analysis 

The physiotherapist’s intervention includes 2 stages: 

  1. A complete and comprehensive assessment of your body’s biomechanics: 
      • Assessment of joint mobility, strength and motor control necessary for running. 
      • Prescription of an exercise program aimed at optimizing your biomechanics according to the needs identified during the assessmen
  2. An analysis of the running gait: 
      • Observation of the type of shoes and how they are worn down. 
      • Running mechanics evaluation with and possibly without the shoes. 
      • The step rate measurement (number of steps per minute). 
      • Recommendations for adjustments following the analysis of the running gait. 


Push a little further! 

If you want to take the analysis a little further, your physiotherapist will also be able to perform a video analysis of your running gait. Using this tool, it will be possible to dissect the movement and bring out details that can have a significant impact in order to optimize your running mechanics. In addition, being able to observe yourself greatly facilitates the understanding of the corrections to be made because, as we often hear, a picture is worth a thousand words! 

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