Saddle Selection: Tips from a Physio

With the growing popularity of cycling, saddles have become more diversified in recent years. There is now a wide variety of saddles that can fit all types of cyclists. But how to choose the right saddle for you? An optimal saddle must have several qualities:

  • Proper width: the saddle’s role is to give good support to the pelvis to stabilize the trunk and thus develop power with the legs. A proper saddle width should be equal to or slightly greater than the width between your two sit bones in your buttocks (ishial tuberosities).
  • Flat shape: prefer flat saddles with well-defined edges. This shape improves the stability of the pelvis and reduces the pressure at the perineum.
  • Firm: Choose an overall firm saddle if you plan to spend a few hours on your bike. The ischial tuberosities of your pelvis tend to sink when in contact with a soft surface, increasing the pressure on the soft tissues of your perineum, which can cause numbness and discomfort.
  • Adapted to your morphology: Choose an indented saddle or a softer surface in the area of the tissues of the perineum if you are prone to numbness or discomfort in that area.

Do not hesitate to try several types of saddle before selecting one! Every cyclist is different and your comfort is unique.


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