Bike Tips: Your feet

Feet numb while riding?

We have the solution.


Towards the end of a long bike ride or even the very first pedal strokes, it can happen that you feel  numbness in your toes. This unpleasant sensation that often disappears quickly as soon as you step off your bike may be due to compression and stretching of the neural tissues in your lower body.

  • Mechanical advice: opt for a shoe adapted to the shape of your foot. Choose a tethering lacing system that will distribute pressure evenly to avoid excessive pressure on a spot on your foot.  If you own shoes with velcros straps or ratchet buckles, loosen the second strap lightly to reduce pressure on the midfoot.
  • Positioning Tip: Proper adjustment of the saddle height is key to avoid adding tension to the posterior chain muscles and sciatic nerve. Ideally, your knee should be slightly flexed when your foot is at the bottom of the pedal rotation.
  • Technical Tip: Remember to pull as much as you push on the pedals to unload your the bottom of your foot.



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