Bike Tips: Technical Analysis

Optimize your pedaling technique


Whatever your level of cycling or the type of bike you ride, you are solely responsible for propelling yourself forward when pedaling. Once properly positioned on your bike, the effectiveness of your pedaling depends largely on your muscle strength, your control and your posture.

Our expertise in motor control as physiotherapists allows us to make a detailed evaluation of your pedaling technique and posture on your bike. During the biomechanical analysis of the cyclist, we make you pedal at a low, regular, then high speed and resistance to simulate all the road conditions that you will face during your season. We will observe the coordination and stability of the joints of your pelvis, your legs and your feet when you sit on the saddle as well as when you stand up on the pedals. We will then observe the positioning of your hands on the handlebars and your posture on the bike and help you make the necessary corrections. 

Those changes will aim to optimize your comfort and balance your weight between the front and the back of the bike. Based on the results of the analysis, we will then give you clear and precise explanations of the improvements to your pedaling technique and your posture to help you achieve your cycling goals.


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