Manage Jaw Pain

Like any injuryit is ideal that you take care of pain that develops at the jaw. A physiotherapist is a healthcare professional that can help you with evaluating and treating temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) problems.

Here are a few recommendations for things to avoid to manage you symptoms and avoid overusing this joint :

  • Chewing gum 
  • Leaning your jaw/chin into your hand, especially on one side more than the other 
  • Chewing on objects like a pen or drawstring from a hoodie 
  • Chewing on your fingernails 
  • Eating food that requires you to open your mouth excessively 

Take smaller bites of food when eating, and try to chew your food with both sides of your jaw. If you do chew gum, try switching sides while chewing. TMJ problems often lead to secondary complications such as headaches or neck pain. On the flip side, having poor motor control of your neck, or poor posture can contribute to TMJ dysfunction.


If you jaw is bothering youconsult your dentist, and also your physiotherapist!