The hiking season is in full swing!

What better way to enjoy the nice weather than going for a walk in nature?

The human body has an incredible ability to physically adapt to stresses that are imposed on it. Hiking in the mountains uses large muscle groups that are activated differently on the way up and down. Some outings can last longer than what your body may be accustomed to. Therefore, you must be careful when you participate in an activity that your body might not be ready for as the physical demands of hiking are greater than our typical everyday life, and doing too much can put you at risk for injury.

In order to fully enjoy and benefit from a hike in nature, take the time to choose your trail properly. If you are hiking for the first time or it is an activity that you only do occasionally, start with an outing that is less challenging and take your time. Frequent breaks will allow you to admire the landscapes in addition to allowing your body to rest. If you are an avid hiker, going more frequently will cause your body to adapt faster to the specific stresses of hiking. Be mindful of how your body feels, and give it the rest it needs! Over time, you can gradually progress the difficulty and duration of the hikes you do!

Some exercises, such as the squat or lunge, may also be useful to develop your physical fitness between outings and improve your hiking endurance. Remember to consult your physiotherapist if you have any questions!

Enjoy your hike!