Take advantage of winter with cross country skiing!

This year, many people are trying to get outside and enjoy the winter! With winter sports gaining in popularity, cross country skiing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and work your cardio. The combined effort of using your legs and arms to propel yourself on cross country skis provides an excellent workout, and can be enjoyed at any skill level! 


The benefits of skiing

The classic style of cross country skiing has similar traits to running or walking patterns, but significantly reduces the landing impact of your legs as it allows you to move forward by sliding with the ski. Not only do you push yourself forward with your legs, the muscles of the arms and back aid in pushing through with the poles, as well as involving significant core muscle activation to stabilize your entire body! Many muscle groups are involved, which is why top level cross country skiing athletes have one of the highest VO2 max in comparison to other endurance sports!


How to prepare yourself

A great way to train the body in preparation for this sport is to do lunges. Having good strength and control of your legs is critical, and building up muscular endurance will allow you to take advantage of your outings during the ski season! Take a look at how this exercise is performed here, or if you would like to revise or progress your performance take an appointment with a physiotherapist to make the most of the winter season.