Céline Bisson


Céline Bisson is a physical therapist who graduated with distinction and on the Dean’s Honour Roll, from the faculty of medicine at Université de Montréal, in 2001. She speaks French and English.

Since her graduation she has always worked in the field of orthopaedic sports physical therapy. She is committed to staying abreast of new developments in her field, and strives to continuously improve her skills and maintain her knowledge up-to-date by attending professional conferences and taking part in various continuous education courses. This led her to develop her expertise in manual therapy and motor control. To date, she has completed manual therapy levels E3 and V3 and has attended a number of training sessions pertaining to, among others, lumbar stabilization and shoulder complex. Céline puts her skilful expertise to worthy use by joining the medical team that supervises adventure races organized by Endurance Aventure.

Originally from Brossard, Céline developed into a remarkable gymnast reaching the elite level. Over a period of more than 10 years, she took part in numerous international competitions. She succeeded in attaining the “Senior High Performance Level”, alongside the top athletes in the country. She finished 3rd at the balance beam event and ranked 6th overall at the 1996 Canadian Championships competition. Artistic Gymnastics allowed her to travel throughout Canada, the United States and even Russia. Following her early successes, she carried on as a competitive level trainer and choreographer of floor routines, allowing her to share and pass on her passion for the sport to a new generation.

In her spare time, Céline likes to remain active and her interests are quite diverse. Cycling, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, rock climbing and hiking are some of her favourite activities. She is also the mother to two energetic young boys who keep her extremely active!