Mechanical stress quantification

An important rule to follow when progressing into running is the 10% rule. Every week, the total training volume should not be increased by more than 10%.

If you did 20 km total this week, the 10% rule tells us that you can increase the total training volume by 2km for the following week.

It is also important to modify only one running factor at a time (distance, speed, slope, surface, etc.) If you increase your running distance, you should not increase the speed at the same time. Same thing if you make a surface change. For example, you may need to reduce your running distance if you run on the beach, since the surface is much softer.

Another aspect to take into consideration to avoid injury is the frequency of training. It is recommended to run a minimum of three times a week. This ensures you apply constant stress to the muscles and joints, as it is better to do several shorter workouts than to do one long workout in the week.

If you have any questions about a safe and progressive return to running, or are interested in a more personalized plan, do not hesitate to consult our physiotherapists.