Lets Demystify : Ice to manage inflammation?

We often hear our patients tell us they are putting ice to make sure they are managing their inflammation. What does science say about this?

You may be surprised to know that the scientific literature does not support the use of ice to heal your injuries.

What you need to know is that inflammation is the first and normal response of the body when we have an injury. In fact, the body increases circulation in the injured area, making the area red, swollen and painful. The purpose of this process is to provide elements that will begin rebuilding structures that have been injured. Thus, putting ice on an injury will decrease local blood circulation and limit lymphatic pumping action. In the medium or long term, the use of ice limits the healing potential.

The bottom line is that putting ice to reduce pain can be effective in the short term in your perception of pain, but it will not speed up the process. healing.

If you’re ask yourself, “But what should I do about my injuries?”

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