Get up and move!

Sitting postures place a considerable amount of stress on body’s joints, especially those of the neck and lower back. We would all benefit from moving and standing more often in our everyday life.

Think about how much time you spend sitting in a day: we sit down for lunch, we sit in the car or bus to get to work, we sit for seven (or more) hours a day at work, to then return to sit in the car, sit while having supper and watching TV before going to bed.

Of course these are just examples. Even if you spent an hour exercising or going for a walk, the majority of your day was still spent in a stressful position on your joints. It is also a position in which your muscles are not used much.

What we are proposing is to integrate more standing while you work from home. If possible, try to have a workstation where you can stand up. There are some desks that you can easily change the height and quickly go from sitting to standing several times throughout your day. Otherwise, you could temporarily use a higher work surface (such as a kitchen island or a counter) to be able to work comfortably while standing.

Remember, the key is to move! Change your working position frequently throughout the day. Get in the habit of standing up at least every hour and moving around, even for a bit. Go for a walk on your lunch break or before you start your day. You can also make your phone calls while you are standing or walking!

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