Finally back to school! Homework is back!

Going back to school also means that children and their parents will spend a lot of time writing in notebooks, reading school textbooks and browse the internet on a tablet or computer. 

Most of the time you will be sitting for homework, so you’re adding several hours per week in a sitting position. 

Here are some simple recommendations to help you maintain a good posture when writing. 

Tilt your head sideways or your brain…? 

Ideally, when seated, your neck and your upper and lower back should stay in a good alignment as much as possible.  The same way you would when you are standing straight. You should keep a curve forward in your lower back and your head should be above the shoulders. Favor a position in which your feet are touching the ground or supported by a footrest. Your knees should be at the same level or a little lower than the hips. 

But how do you read and write, without tilting your head? 

There’s the challenge. 

As you incline your head forward to look down at the notebook, make sure you don’t poke your chin forward and round your back. Tuck your chin in slightly and lean forward from the hips to keep the curve forward in your low back. 

With your forearms supported on the table or the desk to write, avoid tilting your head to the side. Keep your head straight even if the notebook is tilted and in line with your hand for better writing. You have to tilt your brain instead!

Finally, it is also recommended to stand up and walk around every hour. This will help maintain proper posture and maximize concentration!