Stephania Palimeris


Stephania Palimeris is a physical therapist that has graduated from the University of Patras, in Greece. She speaks English, French and Greek. She has also completed her Master’s degree at McGill University, where she was the recipient of a graduate excellence fellowship.

Stephania obtained her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy in 2016, in Greece. She has always been fascinated by the human brain and body, and understanding how they function as a whole entity. In 2018, she moved to Montreal to pursue her graduate studies at McGill University. She aspires to dedicate her professional career to contribute in improving peoples’ health and quality of life. She received her Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science, with a thesis on neurological rehabilitation and neuroplasticity of the brain.

Stephania enjoys working in an orthopaedic setting. She loves interacting with her patients and is always happy to see their improvement and progression whilst attaining their objectives. She strives to get her patients back to being functional, back to their activities and their sports.

Stephania has been a competitive athlete herself. She has been a ballet dancer as well as a rowing and volleyball athlete. Through practicing sports, she has faced many injuries, such as back and shoulder, for which she had to have physiotherapy. Understanding and treating different types of injuries is what makes Stephania excited about her job!

She also has a specific interest in the neurorehabilitation domain. Stephania has a lot of curiosity about the latest literature concerning physiotherapy and offering the best possible services for her patients. She keeps up-to-date by being involved in research and teaching at McGill University. During her graduate years, Stephania had the opportunity to present her work at the World Stroke Congress and the Québec Congress in Adaptation-Rehabilitation Research and had the chance to continue her education at the University College London, in the UK.

She is a very friendly person who is always interested in having discussions with her patients. In her free time, she enjoys riding her bike and going for a swim. As she is originally from an island in Greece and loves summer, discovering new places to hike is always in the back of her mind.