Mitchelle Abanto


Mitchelle Abanto is a McGill University graduate in Physiotherapy where she completed her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Having a strong interest in detail, Mitchelle will take the time to analyse your quality movements and motor control to provide you with a unique and personalised treatment plan. Moreover, being trilingual, she will be pleased to communicate with you in the language of your choice; either French, English or Spanish!

Mitchelle is passionate about orthopedics and sports injury recovery. This stems from the fact that she has a keen interest in the body’s biomechanics. Having done plenty of sports in her life, she is able to adapt the exercises quite creatively depending on the individual’s level of athleticism and motivate others to try new things. 

During her university years, she worked with several varsity teams at McGill, enriching her knowledge in traumatic injuries. With the Lacrosse and Football team, she had the opportunity to improve her efficiency in manual therapy. With the Track & Field and Cross Country teams, she perfected her ability to analyze movement patterns in athletes. All of this work was directed to help athletes achieve their goals and to perform during their competitions.

Another interest close to her heart is women’s health, which is why she amplified her knowledge in perineal rehabilitation. Her interest in the pelvic floor and athletes was so strong that she pursued her master’s research project in this domain. Don’t be surprised if Mitchelle also talks to you about her interest in pre-postnatal care and infant motor development during your appointments.

Mitchelle’s mission is to create a pleasant and calm environment for others. Her stoic and yet serene approach allows her to listen and guide others on their rehabilitation journey in the most peaceful way possible. If values such as determination, responsibility and discipline are important to you, Mitchelle will be a perfect match for you!

In her free time, she loves to do sports. For her, the gym is a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul. If you want to try some creative exercises, Mitchelle will be happy to suggest some to you and help you reach your objectives. In addition to heavy weightlifting, she enjoys doing plyometrics and kettlebell flow exercises. Nonetheless, after arduous training sessions and her beautifully busy days at work, Mitchelle likes to rest at home with her two kittens. If you too are an animal lover, Mitchelle will be happy to tell you more about Michelangelo‘s and Donatello‘s many incredible adventures.